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Health Equity for All: Civil Rights Groups Air Ads

Jeremy Sprinkle
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A coalition of national civil rights groups, including the NAACP Voter Action Fund and the National Council of La Raza, have joined to make sure health insurance reform legislation coming together in the Congress does not "throw 46 million of us under the bus."

Health Equity for All on their entry into the debate:

"The country's largest African-American and Latino organizations are joining forces with other major national civil rights and grassroots organizations to mobilize the nation's 100 million people of color for a final push in support of universal health care reform. Leaders of the organizations are coming together to make certain that the voices of people of color are heard -- and heeded -- as the health care reform debate enters its final, critical days. The groups will release television and print ads in English and Spanish that will run in four states with sizable African-American and Latino populations, part of a grassroots effort to ensure that members of Congress appreciate the importance of reform to the people of color they represent."

Here's the English language version of the ad running in Arkansas, targeting Senator Blanche Lincoln:

Text of the ad:

"The year I was born, they tried to reform health care, and now I'm 65 years old, and it still hasn't happened. Now we can make this real. I'm not gonna let special interests and politicians throw 46 million of us under the bus. I've seen too much in my lifetime, and I'm not gonna leave my grandkids' health in the hands of insurance companies that care more about profits than they do about everyday families. And as for the politicians, tell Senator Lincoln that there needs to be room for all of us on this bus."

Click here for a Spanish language version running in North Carolina, targeting Senator Kay Hagan.

Health Equity for All started with a $250,000 ad buy in Arkansas, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida. You can help keep these ads on the air with a donation here.