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Hard @ Work on Labor 2010

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Labor 2010 Phone Bank Coordinators

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Phone Banks, Letter Writing, and Leafleting (oh my!)

Union members are hard at work on our Labor 2010 program, doing everything we can to elect people who will fight for good American jobs, end tax breaks for outsourcing, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and create an economy that works for everyone - not just Wall Street and corporate executives. Scores of local unions have stepped up to deliver letters to their membership explaining the stakes in this election and why Elaine Marshall, union member and NC Secretary of State is our endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate. To-date, 72,644 flyers have been ordered off the Working Families Toolkit, leaflets that will be distributed in mailings and outside workplaces to educate members about why on the issues that matter to them - whether that's trade, unemployment, or your right to organize - Richard Burr stands with Wall Street and against working people. Over 56,000 pocket-sized slates have been printed and are being distributed to members of AFL-CIO affiliates as One-Stop Early Voting & Same Day registration begins in North Carolina (Oct. 14-30). In addition, thousands of direct mail pieces supporting our endorsed candidates for state house and senate are in the mail to members in targeted districts across the state.

Find a phone bank near you and make the call for candidates that support workers

Union members, retirees, activists, and others who want to make a difference in this election can do more than vote for our Labor 2010 endorsed candidates. Urge union members in your area to do the same by participating in a phone bank near you. Click here for the list of Labor 2010 area phone bank coordinators and sign up to do some phone banking.

Labor 2010 Mailing IAMAW 1725 Members work on a Labor 2010 mailing at the IAMAW 1725 union hall in Charlotte, NC.