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Go on the #MoralMarch with Labor at H.K. on J.

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Let's move forward together on Feb. 8th

Last year we rallied at Moral Monday week after week with our allies in the Forward Together movement against the extreme, regressive policies enacted by our Governor and his Republican-controlled legislature to sound the alarm across the state and the nation to what the New York Times called the Decline of North Carolina.

On Saturday, February 8th we will march! Will you march with us?

Tens of thousands of North Carolinians in our broad coalition of labor, civil rights, women's rights, environment, public education, immigration reform, democracy, and equality will descend upon Raleigh for a #MoralMarch and the 9th Annual Historic Thousands on Jones Street (H.K. on J.) People's Assembly.

RSVP on Facebook to let us know you're coming.

March with labor behind the AFL-CIO banner and under our white and red "Solidarity" flag at the #MoralMarch / HKonJ. ***Union members, wear your union shirts! SIGNS WILL BE PROVIDED!***

What: March with Labor at the #MoralMarch / HKonJ
When: Meet at the rally point BEFORE 10:00 AM on Sat., Feb. 8, when we will leave the rally point to fall in line.
Where: Labor will rally outside the public parking deck at the corner of S. Wilmington St. & E. Cabarrus St., Raleigh, NC 27601

Whether or not you are a union member, march with us if you recognize that working people are stronger together and that it will take a movement of organized workers to overcome the forces of organized greed which have taken over North Carolina's government.

For more information about marching with Labor, email [email protected] or call us at 919-833-6678.

For buses to the #MoralMarch / HKonJ:

For more info about HKonJ:

For more info about the #MoralMarch:

Need more inspiration? Watch this video: