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Giving Thanks for Labor 2018

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Dear Reader,

Thanks to the leadership of our affiliates, the hard work of labor volunteers around the state, and your votes, earlier this month we elected all our endorsed statewide judicial candidates -- including Anita Earls to the North Carolina Supreme Court. By electing legislative candidates who will stand with working people, we also broke the supermajorities in both the state house and senate, thereby restoring Governor Cooper's veto power. And we defeated two constitutional amendments that were blatant power-grabs by legislative leaders.

While we didn’t win every targeted race, what we did win was amazing. Think about it: We weren’t a priority state for the national labor movement. We didn’t have many release staff or resources. We were up against unconstitutional gerrymandered districts. And then less than two months before the election, a third of our state was devastated by a hurricane. It was a David versus Goliath fight so the fact we won so many races and made it clear to legislative leaders that their days of power are numbered is truly amazing. And the only way that happened was because of you.

Thank you for saying “Count Me In” to win the election! We hope we can count you in to hold all of our newly elected and reelected officials accountable and to push a pro-active working people’s policy agenda next year.

Happy Thanksgiving,

MaryBe McMillan, President