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Free Preview: At the River I Stand

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Martin Luther King, Jr's prophetic last speech in Memphis, TN on April 3, 1968, the night before his assassination (aka, the Mountaintop Speech).

Remembering MLK, Jr. as champion of economic justice

A few years ago at our annual summer school for union members - Carolina Labor School - we screened the documentary At the River I Stand. The film chronicles two fateful months in 1968 when sanitation workers in Memphis, TN went on strike to demand the city recognize their union and bargain with them as equals.

Martin Luther King, Jr. - recognizing his dream for equality required economic justice if it was to ever be realized - rallied to the cause of the striking city workers. His commitment to support these workers is what brought him - and his assassin - back to Memphis where he was struck down on April 4, 1968.

Corporate media seldom tell this tale, but Dr. King was a champion of all workers. We would do his memory a great disservice to forget that. In honor of Martin Luther King Day on Monday, California Newsreel, which distributes At the River I Stand, is offering everyone a free preview of the movie. We wholeheartedly encourage our readers who have not seen this movie to check it out.

Click here to watch At the River I Stand in it's entirety for free online (58min).