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Free #1uDigital Training sessions are back!

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Learn how to be your digital best

Exciting news: the #1uDigital training series - the AFL-CIO's series of free, online, top-notch digital training sessions - is back and better than ever for 2014!

RSVP here for training sessions which begin next week.

#1uDigital is a training program intended to give you the skills to be awesome at digital technologies and platforms, equipping the labor movement and our allies with cutting-edge techniques and best practices in digital advocacy. Spearheaded by the AFL-CIO Digital Strategies Department, it’s open to anyone in the labor movement (and our friends!) who wants to organize and advocate for workers online with excellence.

See the list of free courses on offer in the #1uDigital series.

#1uDigital is for AFL-CIO affiliates, members, and progressive partners. Anyone who loves the labor movement and wants to learn can join our training series, so share this news with staff, members, allies, partners, and friends. Share far and wide to make sure folks get these critical training, especially as we gear up for the 2014 election cycle.

Whether you're a beginner on Facebook and Twitter or veteran user of the web and email who wants to build your skills, #1uDigital has all the tips, best practices, and know-how you need to engage with your supporters and the public online.

It's a digital world. Learn how to be your digital best!