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Farmworkers to convene in Durham (10/12)

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Answer the solidarity call by being a volunteer

About 500 members of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC, AFL-CIO) from Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina will gather to take part in union democracy at their 12th Quadrennial Convention in Durham on October 12th.

Get more information about FLOC's October 12 convention.

Farmworkers in North Carolina face many challenges - including inadequate housing, exposure to pesticides and the elements, and the refusal of major tobacco companies like Reynolds American to accept responsibility for abuses in their supply chain. Now our governor and state legislature have made their lives even more difficult, passing H.74 - a law that will make it harder for FLOC to win justice for workers in our tobacco fields.

FLOC's convention on October 12th is a chance for these workers to get reorganized and re-energized to take on these challenges. You can help make it a success! Sign up to volunteer!

Volunteers are needed to transport farmworkers to the convention site, to prepare materials in advance of the meeting, and to serve as marshals for the march/rally that will follow the convention. Learn more about volunteer opportunities at FLOC's convention.

Farm laborers will meet and march in Durham on October 12, 2013

Farm laborers will meet and march in Durham on October 12, 2013

For more information, contact Briana Kemp at 763-229-5970 or email [email protected].