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A Fair Fight for tax fairness on Tax Day (video)

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Why Tax Fairness is worth fighting for

Tax Day is a reminder that working people pay more than their fair share of taxes while,  all too often, wealthy and powerful special interests don't do the same (or even pay nothing at all).

The cost of this lack of tax fairness is adding up. Across-the-board spending cuts from our austerity-obsessed Congress and moves by state lawmakers at home to raise taxes on hard-working families while simultaneously planning to cut or even eliminate taxes on the super rich and corporations proves that the People have too few champions for them in our government.

Tax fairness is a fight worth having because corporate tax giveaways aren't free. Because more budget cuts mean more problems for families. Because taxes get more regressive when income taxes are repealed. And because the poor shouldn't pay more than the rich.

Check out these four examples that illustrate why we FIGHT for tax fairness:

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Corporate tax giveaways aren’t free! Be a champion for tax fairness: text FIGHT to 235246!
Taxes get more regressive w/income tax repeal. Champion tax fairness: text FIGHT to 235246!

More budget cuts = more problems for families. Champion tax fairness: text FIGHT to 235246!
Should the Poor pay MORE than the Powerful? Champion tax fairness: text FIGHT to 235246!

Fun fight

Faced with the grim reality of North Carolina politics, this Tax Day, the NC State AFL-CIO arranged for working people to get some quality escapism and, with it, one way to settle the score between the People and the Powerful - even if it had to be done outside the political arena and inside the ring!

Click here to see photos and learn more about the #FairFight, our Tax Day showdown.

Mike Hall reported on the action for AFL-CIO Now:

With a fair fight for taxes nearly impossible with corporations and the wealthy throwing their heavyweight influence around in Congress and state legislatures, the North Carolina State AFL-CIO staged today’s “Fair Fight” to spotlight the move by Tar Heel lawmakers to shift the tax burden of the state’s wealthiest and corporations onto middle- and low-income working families.

Clayton Henkel with NC Policy Watch set the stage:

To help make a lasting impression, the AFL-CIO  staged a wrestling match outside the legislative building Monday with the help of the Luchadoras. The famed, masked female wrestlers – one representing the People’s Champion the other representing the Champion of the Powerful – took their brawl to Bicentennial Mall for a lunchtime spectacle.

“It’s not just about taxes, it’s about justice and fairness in all aspects of our lives,”said MaryBe McMillan of the NC State AFL-CIO. “It’s about good public schools, clean air, and water, a free and open Democracy.”

Bitter rivals Juicy Buns and The Scrambler with the Luchadoras of Durham battled it out in a public bout in Raleigh just steps from where our state legislature is abdicating its responsibility to govern for the good of the whole.

Juicy Buns, People's Champion, victorious!

Champion of the Powerful, The Scrambler did not fight fair - throwing elbows, drinking performance enhancing substances, and at one point enlisting the help of her minions to literally tie down the People's Champ with bags of ill-gotten campaign cash as "Thom Tillis" and "Art Pope" looked on approvingly while trying to tempt the People to their side with wads of $100 bills.

Down but never out, the People's Champion, Juicy Buns, rallied late in the match as chants of "People! Power!" from a crowd of about 75 supporters echoed throughout Bicentennial Mall. Juicy soon turned the tables on the tax-dodging Champion of the Powerful, sending The Scrambler and her minions and big money backers scrambling with a devastating finishing move - the Big Bomb Booty Blast!

Click here to watch an awesome video recap of the #FairFight - our Luchadoras match for Tax Fairness on Tax Day.

Serious ask

As MaryBe McMillan explained to NC Policy Watch, the big lesson of the Fair Fight is that "if we join together, we can all be champions for the people, and we can win and reclaim our state."

People power always wins in the end because we are the champions! 

Politicians in Raleigh and Washington are being champions of wealthy and powerful special interests. Their way is more for the few, less for the rest - and we're tired of it! So if you're ready to fight for tax fairness, here's what you can do to help:

1.Text FIGHT to 235246 to become a champion for working families in North Carolina!

2. Sign our petition to North Carolina's state and federal lawmakers to tell them to be champions of the People, not the Powerful.

I'm tired of paying the costs for the lack of tax fairness in my state and in my country. Unbalanced tax policy and cuts to critical programs are the result of politicians in Raleigh and Washington being champions of wealthy and powerful special interests instead of the people who elected them.

Well, enough is enough! Tax dodging by big corporations and wealthy individuals has to end. Can we count on you to make taxes fairer for working families?

Click here to watch and listen to an audio postcard by NC Policy Watch about the need for our #FairFight.