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Enroll now in Working America Health Care

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Sign up by Dec. 15 for coverage beginning Jan. 1

Dec. 15 is the last day to enroll, renew, or change your Marketplace health insurance plan and have coverage begin on Jan. 1.

Time is running out, but Working America Health Care has your back. You can still get covered and have a stress-free search.

Don’t wait until Dec. 15! Hold times can be especially long on deadline day. Call 888-276-2580 or visit now.

The health insurance experience can be complicated—dozens of choices, difficult-to-understand benefits, and crazy claim battles, but WAHC provides recommended licensed professionals who support you before AND after enrollment—at no extra cost.

Head over to BEFORE Dec. 15 to find the right plan for you.

WAHC benefits union members

Health care is a contentious issue at the bargaining table and many of us are fighting to keep coverage for our part-time members and our families. Even if we have kept coverage for all our members, there are still many in our communities who lack health coverage.  A full 59% of Americans still don’t know about the financial help available to help working families pay for coverage.

By connecting to Marketplace coverage through the portal, workers without a union become members of Working America which helps to strengthen the labor movement in our communities.

Working America Health Care can help union members without access to collectively bargained health coverage and their families by:

  • Helping members or their dependents to get affordable coverage through the Marketplace.
  • Securing “gap” coverage for apprentices or other workers in your union who do not have immediate access to health coverage at work. The ACA requires that most Americans must have health coverage for at least nine months of the year to avoid potential tax penalties.
  • Laid-off workers – Laid-off workers are generally offered COBRA coverage upon losing their jobs. These workers often save up to 50 percent by purchasing a plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace versus electing COBRA due to the availability of tax credits and subsidies. Individuals who sign up through the Marketplace are paying $139 per month less on average than they would if they elected COBRA. A family of four typically saves $488 a month on average. Furthermore, once a worker elects COBRA, he or she cannot drop the plan and shop in the Marketplace until the next open enrollment period.
  • Early retirees and retired/semi-retired workers too young to qualify for Medicare coverage may realize significant savings through the health exchanges.