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Employee Free Choice Act Gets the Star Treatment

Jeremy Sprinkle
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(Picture) Employee Free Choice ActThis motion picture approved for all audiences

They are 47 artists, including Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winners and nominees. They are sitcom stars, character actors, musicians, comedians, and Broadway performers. They are all union members, working with union writers and an all union crew, and they all support the Employee Free Choice Act.

Artists For Workers Choice ( has come out with a fantastic video that makes a strong case for unions and the Employee Free Choice Act as essential to creating an economy that works for everyone:

“The best way for working men and women to get ahead is by uniting with our co-workers and forming a union. The Employee Free Choice Act does exactly what it says: It gives workers a choice of how to unionize.”

If you've been waiting for one great video to forward to friends and relatives that explains why we need the Employee Free Choice Act, this is it:

(Picture) Actress Amy Brenneman"People associate actors with fame and glory. The truth is for a long time my union contract was the reason I could support my family." -- Actress Amy Brenneman

(Picture) Actor and comedian Jerry Stiller"I've belonged to three unions in my life... If all workers don't have the freedom to form unions, I don't see how we can fix our economy." -- Actor and comedian Jerry Stiller

Watch the video and then share it with your family and social network.