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An economic traitor is running for President

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Outsourcing American jobs, humiliating American workers

Do you want an economic traitor to be the next President of the United States? We don't, and we don't think North Carolina's working families want that either.

But that is what we will get if Mitt Romney wins election on November 6. Right now there are hundreds of Americans in Illinois experiencing first-hand what happens when an economic traitor buys out their company.

Workers at Sensata Tech - now owned by Bain Capital, the firm Mitt Romney founded, where he made his millions and still owns a majority of shares - are protesting outside their plant in Freeport Bainport, IL, trying to keep their jobs from being sent to China.

Not only have Mitt Romney’s buddies at Bain Capital refused to save these jobs from being shipped overseas, they are humiliating Sensata workers by forcing them to take down the American flag while training their Chinese replacements.

Don't believe us? Watch this:

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Bain managers retaliate

Sensata's new Bain-controlled management team has told workers that if they don't stop protesting the plan to ship their jobs to China, Sensata will close the factory immediately.

From the workers' website,

"Mayor George Gaulrapp and the Freeport Chief of Police have passed along news from Sensata management — who were in town today from their headquarters in Attleboro, Massachusetts — that if anyone else stands up and commits any further civil disobedience, the Sensata plant in Freeport, Illinois will close the plant immediately and for good."

Workers pleading for Mitt Romney to intervene - to no avail

Mitt Romney still owns a controlling stake in Bain Capital, so Sensata workers have tried for months to get an audience with Gov. Romney to ask him to intervene and save their plant and their jobs.

Bain-owned Sensata isn't just ignoring the workers' and families' pleas, the company is having them arrested.

As Dave Johnson of the Campaign for America's Future told Current TV, the Sensata workers are also American voters, and they have followed Romney's campaign for president - and his get-tough rhetoric about China - very closely.

"These people are asking Mitt Romney, 'Will you please come here and show us that you mean what you say?'"

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