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Early Voting begins in North Carolina!

Jeremy Sprinkle
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#NCVotesEarly from now until Nov. 1

Greensboro News & Record reported on our "Moral March to the Polls" to kick off the start of Early Voting in North Carolina:

Several dozen people marked the first day of early voting Thursday by marching from the Beloved Community Center to the Guilford County Courthouse to cast their ballots.

“Your vote does matter,” the Rev. Nelson Johnson, executive director of the Beloved Community Center, told the marchers. “If you want your Medicaid and your health benefits, your vote matters. If you want a judge or judges who will uphold the law and interpret it in a way that is consistent with its meaning and not spin it to mean something else, your vote matters.”

National AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre was among those marching to the cast their ballots on the first day of Early Voting:

"Union or nonunion, we're gonna turn out workers' votes," said Tefere to reporters.

"When workers vote, workers win." -- Tefere Gebre, 10/23/14

Read the News & Record story about the Moral March and the start of early voting.

Later in the evening, almost 40 union members joined Tefere and state AFL-CIO leaders James Andrews and MaryBe McMillan for a 3-hour phone bank and mail party hosted by Communication Workers of America Local 3607 during which Labor 2014 volunteers called over 1,300 union members and prepared over 3,500 mail pieces to union households urging them to vote for candidates running with the union label and to vote early.

Check out photos of our #NCVotesEarly phone bank and mail party.

See a map of early voting locations across North Carolina and additional information and resources for voters.