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Drumming for justice at the 2nd Pots & Spoons Protest

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Short, fast, and LOUD!

About a hundred people turned out  for the 2nd Pots & Spoons Protest on Wednesday. The protest coincided with the opening day of the 2014 legislative session of the North Carolina General Assembly.

See photos of the 2nd Pots & Spoons Protest on Flickr.

Protestors, using only a humble pot and spoon brought from home, sounded off on a range of issues and for an end to lawmakers' and the governor's pursuit of an immoral agenda.

The Pots & Spoons Protest, only the second of its kind targeting North Carolina lawmakers, was inspired by cacerolazo – popular protests in Latin America, where people use kitchen utensils to create noise and call for attention.

See TV coverage of the 2nd Pots & Spoons Protest.

Raging Grannies came in solidarity with protesters and to kick off the 2nd Pots & Spoons Protest with a song!

Watch the Raging Grannies sing "Wake Up and Hear Us Now":

Supporters, including union members, students, retirees, and advocates for justice, held their protest directly across the street from the legislative building, loudly calling attention to the regressive, resentful, and failed stewardship that has led to what the New York Times infamously described as "The Decline of North Carolina."

The protest gave lawmakers and lobbyists an earful on opening day, said Working America:

Legislators were entering their chambers with a chorus of clanking metal from the growing coalition of North Carolina progressives who are fighting back against legislators who are determined to roll back a century of progress.

Coverage by North Carolina Public Radio WUNC-FM touched on what some of that roll back has included:

The demonstration, in which people held signs protesting issues such as a Voter ID law passed last year, low teacher pay, and low unemployment benefits, served as a prelude for a series of demonstrations set for Mondays while lawmakers are in session.

“Folks are coming out today to sound off for workers' rights, for public education, for equality and democracy,” said Jeremy Sprinkle, a spokesman for the North Carolina chapter of the AFL-CIO union federation.

Watch and listen to the sights and sounds of the 2014 Pots and Spoons protest, as recorded by NC Policy Watch:

Watch the New & Observer's video coverage of the Pots & Spoons Protest:

Did you attend the 2nd Pots & Spoons Protest?

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