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Do You Want to Lose Your Health Insurance?

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Questions to ask yourself about McCain's health plan

McCain Revealed

Do you know the truth about McCain's health care plan?

Do you know that McCain's plan will tax your healthcare benefits just like income?

Do you know that under the McCain plan, 608,559 North Carolina residents would lose employer-sponsored health insurance?

The web site Insurance Company Rules for All has startling answers to questions about what kind of health care system John McCain is proposing for America:

Two new reports from the Center for American Progress Action Fund and the Economic Policy Institute found that 608,559 North Carolina residents, 12.9% of people with employer-sponsored coverage, would lose their job-related health benefits under the McCain health care plan.

If your employer pays $12,000 a year for you to buy health insurance through work, not only would McCain's health care plan make you pay income tax on that amount (in addition to the tax you pay on your actual income) - your employer's payroll taxes will also go up.

Employers will be left with a choice: pay higher taxes or stop offering health insurance through work. Which do you think they're going to choose?

When you no longer have group health insurance, try getting individual coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. It's not going to happen because McCain's plan leaves insurance companies free to deny coverage to people with any pre-existing condition.

Read the full North Carolina report (PDF) and compare the candidates health care plans.