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Crack Down on Wage Thieves in North Carolina

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Petition asks state Labor Commissioner Berry to act on minimum wage violations

According to a recent finding by the Economic Policy Institute, employers in North Carolina are stealing $72 a week from 84,000 people already working for just $7.25 an hour.

Victims of minimum wage violations are probably the North Carolinians who can least afford to hire an attorney and take their boss to court.

Fortunately, NC Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry the power to sue their deadbeat employers to recover unpaid wages. Unfortunately, that's something Ms. Berry rarely does.

Sign our petition to tell our "Reluctant Regulator" to use her power to crack down on minimum wage violators in North Carolina!

While you're at it, we could also use more signatures on this other petition to Commissioner Berry inviting her to show up to a Workers' Memorial Day service for once.