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Count Me In! What We Did Together in 2023

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Dear Labor Leaders and Union Members,

In 2023, unions were more popular than ever, and through the power of our solidarity, we won union elections, fair contracts, and better policies across the country and North Carolina. 

Read our 2023 Annual Report (PDF)

Over 340,000 Teamsters won the most generous contract in UPS history, and UAW members in Charlotte and elsewhere went on strike to win historic contracts at the Big 3 automakers. Some 2,400 graduate student workers at Duke University secured a landslide victory with SEIU Workers United—the largest union win in our state since 2008. Workers at REI in Durham joined UFCW and became the 6th store in the nation and first in the South to unionize.

Working people are wising up and rising up, and there ain’t no mountain high enough, no corporation big enough, and no political tactics low enough to keep us from moving forward together so that everyone has the freedom to thrive and a voice in our democracy. 

While we have many victories to celebrate in 2023, we cannot rest. There are thousands of workers who want and need a union, contract fights to win, and a critical election next year that will decide the future of our state and our country. 

Now is our time. This is our moment. Together we have the power to change lives and change our nation, so let’s say “count me in!” to embrace that power and win victories for working people next year and beyond.

In Solidarity,


MaryBe McMillan, President


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Click the image to read our 2023 Annual Report in full (PDF)