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Could TPP be a death sentence for cancer patients?

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Breast cancer survivor Zahara Heckscher shares her story

This is the story of Zahara Heckscher, her fight against cancer, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

TPP is a trade agreement between the United States and 11 other nations around the Pacific Rim that unfairly benefits pharmaceutical companies and threatens access and affordability of life-saving medicines - a "death clause" in the agreement that led Zahara to put her freedom on the line protesting TPP negotiations in Atlanta last Fall.

"I'm alive right now because of the progress that's been made in medicine since my mom passed away," says Zahara in this new video by the AFL-CIO. "It's these medicines that are the difference between me being alive and thriving and what happened to my mother, which was just dying."

"What difference does it make if the medicines are available if you can't access them?" -- Zahara Hecksher, 3/22/16

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