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Confessions of a Union Buster

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Spreading the 'gospel' of misinformation and fear

In this video, the late Martin Jay Levitt explains to Delta Airlines flight attendants his trade secrets and tips after a 19-year career as a union buster (aka "Human Resources Consultant", "Labor Management Consultant"). Flight attendants at Delta are in the process of voting on union representation (for more info, visit

Levitt, whose success as a union buster was evident in his record of 5 losses in 250 union busting campaigns for corporations, said the key to his craft was fear, breaking the law, divide and conquer in the workplace, and misinformation. Fear, Levitt explained, is the life force of union busting:

"A union buster without the atmosphere or climate of fear is like working without one leg and one arm. Fear is essential. Fear is like caviar, lobster and filet mignon to a union buster. Along with breaking the law, the element and emotion of fear is vital."

Watch Martin Jay Levitt come clean about his life as a union buster:

By the way, the election at Delta Airlines is being conducted under the National Mediation Board’s new democratic election rules that allow a majority of votes cast to decide the outcome. Under the old rules, non-votes were counted as "No" votes. The rule change was only made possible when President Obama appointed new membership to the NMB last year.