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Collective Bargaining Lobby Day Set for June 15

Jeremy Sprinkle
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SAVE THE DATE: 6/15 at 9:00 AM

On June 15, 2010, we must stand together to repeal a 50-year-old Jim Crow law (NC General Statute 95-98) that denies a basic human right to the public workers who help make our state run and are essential to our state's economic recovery. Only North Carolina and Virigina outlaw collective bargaining for public employees. Join us on Lobby Day to help change that and make sure all employees in North Carolina - private and public - have the right to a voice at work.

Lobby Day is about:

  • The right to collectively bargain.
  • The right to respect and a voice in the workplace.
  • The right to negotiate decent wages, benefits for workers and their families and safety in the workplace.
  • The opportunity to share workers' knowledge and skills on how to make public services more efficient and effective.

Download the flyer (opens PDF) for Collective Bargaining Lobby Day and promote this event within your networks.

June 15 is Collective Bargaining Lobby Day