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City of Raleigh adopts universal living wage policy

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Vote by the City Council was unanimous

City of Raleigh's lowest-paid employees will get a $5000 raise thanks to a unanimous vote by the Council to adopt a universal living wage policy!

More from ABC 11:

Raleigh City Council is following the lead of about 140 other municipalities across the country setting up a universal living wage.

It boosts the pay of 143 city workers. But that does not include pay raises for Raleigh first responders and they did not take Tuesday's news well.

The new living wage policy passed city council with unanimous support. The city's current $12 minimum wage would rise to $13.76. Annual minimum earnings would go up from just under $23,000 to $28,630. It's a sizeable pay boost for Raleigh's lowest-paid employees.

Watch the ABC 11 report:

First responders still waiting on their raises

Pay for Raleigh police officers and firefighters is not affected by the Council's vote, reports ABC 11:

Meanwhile the city's first responders anxiously await the results of a city pay study. City leaders pledge to have an answer by the spring.

On Wednesday, the Raleigh Police Protective Association released a statement regarding the living wage ordinance:

"The Raleigh Police Protective Association supports a living wage for all city employees, who do so much to serve our community and keep it safe, clean, and ready for business.

We applaud this action by the Raleigh City Council to ensure a living wage for all its employees.

We also applaud the Raleigh City Council for promising last summer a "significant" pay raise for Raleigh police and firefighters in this upcoming budget."