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The Choice We Face this November 6th

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Message from Building & Construction Trades unions

If you or someone you know is talking about sitting out this election because all the negative TV ads are bumming you out or maybe because you think there's no difference between the candidates, CONGRATULATIONS! When you choose not to exercise the franchise, you're fulfilling someone else's agenda. The Koch Brothers [and Art Pope] will thank you, says Former Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm:

"The right is working very, very hard this election, spending record amounts of money, for the purpose of having you decide not to vote. They are desperate for you to stay home. They are spending money on ads. They are spending money on voter suppression. They are spending money on letting you know they are spending money so that it disgusts you; so that you're turned off by the whole awful spectacle they've created. They have the champagne on ice, ready to pop the cork on election night when you opt out."

Click here to read Gov. Granholm's blog post, "Not Voting? The Koch Brothers Thank You".

For union members, politics are only a means to an end. The end is electing candidates who will value work over greed and side with workers instead of bosses.

In the presidential election, there are two very different candidates who will pursue different agendas in the White House. For those who could use a reminder of the choice we face this November as a nation of workers and union members, the Building and Construction Trades Division, AFL-CIO, released a must-watch video this week, and it's a knockout.

Watch this video and see not only who you are for but who will fight for you, then share it within your network:

"I placed my bet on the American worker, and I'll make that bet any day of the week." - President Barack Obama