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Children speak out against American Crystal Sugar lockout

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Piling on the shame for CEO Dave Berg

For over 14 months, 1300 American Crystal Sugar Company workers have been locked out of their jobs. They are members of BCTGM.

Since ACS refuses to listen to its workers, children and grandchildren of locked out American Crystal Sugar Company workers gathered to write letters to CEO Dave Berg and board members about how the lockout is affecting their families and communities.

Click here to watch the video:

One child identified in the video as Sandra has strong words for CEO Dave Berg:

"I hope you know how selfish you are. I sure will raise my kids better than that, and they will know how to respect others, unlike you. And just maybe you should walk in my shoes and know how it is to afford less than you usually can."

The AFL-CIO has announced a boycott of American Crystal Sugar products if the company does not end the lockout by Oct. 15.

Sign the petition to Stop the Lockout at

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The NFL player lockout last year and the now-infamous NFL referee lockout this year. The NHL lockout. The American Crystal Sugar lockout. What's with all the lockouts these days? Shar Knuston, president of the Minnesota AFL-CIO, explains what's going on in an op-ed for the Minneapolis StarTribune.

"This trend represents an overreach on the part of employers. The response of fans to the NFL referee conflict is a great example of how the average American sees this issue. We are not sympathetic to rich people deciding that they want to rewrite the rules of the game when they are already winning. Nor are we sympathetic to corporate executives mismanaging their shareholders' investment and rewarding themselves with a raise."

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