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CBO: HCR Bill Reduces Deficit by $130 Billion over 10yr

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Support Health Care for America NowSavings over 20 years: $1.2 trillion

The Congressional Budget Office, the non-partisan budget score keeper Democrats and Republicans alike depend on to tell them what impact bills have on the budget, released it's report on the revised legislation to reform health care and health insurance - and it's a huge money saver.

Comprehensive reform will cost the federal government $940 billion over 10 years, but the cost is more than made up for by increases in revenue and reduced costs. The result is a net savings of $130 billion over 10 years.

That's worth repeating for our readers who are concerned about our nation's rising debt: doing nothing costs more than passing this bill. If you or your member of Congress has been withholding support of this legislation for fear we cannot afford it, the CBO report should lay those fears to rest.