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Can You Afford to Sit Out This Election?

Jeremy Sprinkle
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That and other questions for union voters

Dan Faulk is a professional firefighter for the City of Greensboro and a stagehand in Winston-Salem. He's a member of IAFF 947 and IATSE Local 574, respectively. Dan has some questions for union voters who are still undecided about their vote on Election Day.

Watch the video:

"Do you care about your job? Do you care about the labor movement, your family, your welfare, your way of life?

"Do you think we should support candidates who support workers or the ones who support high finance, the banks, and Wall Street?

"Do you want to elect folks who are against the labor movement, who send our jobs overseas, who prevent you from having the health care you deserve?

"Are you planning to vote? Do you think sitting out will solve any problems? The guys on the other side, do you think they're going to sit out or they're going to vote?

"I'm not going to sit out this election because I care about the people I work with - the firefighters I work with and the stagehands. It's very important to come out for this election this year. It's very important that you not sit this one out because our opponents will be there. You need to be there as well."

Stand with Dan. Vote for your union's endorsed candidates on Tuesday, November 2!