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Calls needed against unfair tax increases

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Republican tax plans are all Robin Hood in Reverse

We need tax reform.

We need to make sure big, out-of-state corporations pay North Carolina taxes on North Carolina profits, just like our homegrown businesses pay.

We need to make sure the working poor and middle class do not pay a higher share of their incomes in taxes than North Carolina's richest families.

We need to close loopholes and end tax giveaways that enrich a privileged and powerful few at the expense of our schools, our health, investments in our future, and everyone else's pursuit of happiness.

The Republican leaders who control our state legislature have a different idea about what constitutes tax "reform". In both the state house and state senate, plans are moving forward that would do away with North Carolina's progressive income tax rate - thereby cutting taxes more for the rich and for corporations than for the rest - and would expand sales taxes to include more goods and services.

One proposal in the North Carolina Senate would even tax your groceries, your prescription drugs (as if they didn't cost you enough already), car repair, and even Social Security benefits.

How much more in taxes are you willing to pay so that a privileged and powerful few with a state legislature doing their bidding can pay less?

What are you willing to sacrifice for this Robin Hood in Reverse?

Call 1-800-464-2537 to be connected to your legislators and tell them that you want tax reform that is fair for all and does not tax essential programs and services.

Text or email pics of your grocery list or grocery bill with one sentence about what increased taxes on food would mean for your family. Text your receipts to 919-323-6179 OR email them to [email protected].

Sign the petition to tell lawmakers we don't support tax cuts for the wealthy paid for by a tax increase on everyday working families!

Act now because these plans are being debated by your elected representatives, now. Don't wait until it's too late.