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Call for Fixes to NC Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Jeremy Sprinkle
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U.I. oversight committee co-chairs need to hear from you!

In 2013, the North Carolina General Assembly cut unemployment insurance (U.I.) benefits - cutting the maximum weekly payment to $350, the duration of benefits to as few as 12 weeks, and instituting multiple waiting weeks per year. Thanks to these and other changes, our U.I. system now offers a broken promise that working people will survive losing a job through no fault of their own.

Today the trust fund that pays unemployment benefits has over $3 BILLION in assets - more than enough cushion to warrant changing the law by reversing the takeaways of 2013 and giving working people who fall on hard times a fair shake.

Call U.I. Oversight Committee Co-chairs Rep. Julia Howard and Sen. Andy Wells at 919-237-9972 and ask them to direct the committee to consider changes to the duration, maximum benefit, and repeat waiting weeks!

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