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Black union women the focus of national survey

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Capturing the voices of black women in labor

The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) is conducting a national survey of black women rank-and-file union members, organizers, leaders, and worker's rights activists to learn more about their experiences in the labor movement.

Here's more information from Marc Bayard, Director of IPS's Black Worker Initiative:

The survey is a companion piece to a forthcoming report and larger project, And Still I Rise: Black Women Labor Leaders' Voices, Power, and Promise.

The objectives of the project are to: (1) surface best organizing practices and lessons learned from the incredible union election success rate of black women workers and organizers; (2) explore the value proposition of harnessing the organizing expertise of black women for advancing progressive economic policies of benefit to African Americans and working families, more generally; and, (3) make visible the expertise of black women workers, organizers and labor leaders so that their knowledge and ability can effectively inform strategies being formulated to advance the labor movement and economic justice.

The responses to the survey will be kept will be kept confidential. While results will be included in a forthcoming report, no responses will be attributed, and no names will be shared. For additional information about the survey or broader project, please contact Marc Bayard at [email protected]

Take the survey (or share this link):