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Beyond Bathrooms: Gov. McCrory's #HB2 flushed local power, workplace rights down the toilet

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Make the call for full REPEAL

Gov. Pat McCrory signed H.B. 2 into law less than 12 hours after it was introduced on March 23rd, and he's been defending it ever since - although he may be starting to crack under pressure from weeks of blistering editorials, a growing list of business leaders condemning the law, and mounting job losses as major corporations like PayPal and Deutsche Bank cancel plans to move to or expand in North Carolina.

Most of the attention paid to North Carolina’s controversial new law has focused on its repeal of Charlotte’s anti-discrimination ordinance, particularly its accommodations for transgender citizens, but the law significantly undermined the rights of ALL working people in our state.

Call 919-733-4111 to demand your state representative and senator repeal H.B. 2.! Click here to find out who represents you in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Download our flyer, Beyond Bathrooms (PDF):

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