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Attorney General Roy Cooper petitions McCrory to veto voter suppression

Jeremy Sprinkle
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You can sign Cooper's  online petition

North Carolina Attorney General, Roy Cooper, created an online petition this week asking North Carolinians to join him in urging Governor McCrory to veto harsh, sweeping, and regressive changes to state election law which the General Assembly passed at end of its 2013 session.

Join Attorney General Roy Cooper in calling on Governor McCrory to veto voter suppression.

"The act of voting is a fundamental right," says Attorney General Cooper on the petition page. "House Bill 589 passed by the North Carolina General Assembly will restrict the rights of many and reduce access to thousands and thousands of North Carolinians."

"Now is the time for us to stand up and make our voices be heard. As North Carolina's Attorney General, please join me in asking Governor McCrory to veto this regressive elections bill." -- Roy Cooper, NC Attorney General

Asked why he decided to create his own online petition against the voter suppression bill, Cooper told WUNC 91.5 FM that, "I sent the governor a letter myself, I've made public statements, but I wanted to provide a vehicle for people to let the governor know directly that this is a bad idea, and that they'd like for him to stand up and stop this legislation before it's enacted."

Add your name to Attorney General Roy Cooper's petition.

"They believe we are cheating"

Rev. Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP, was asked at a press conference on the day of Mountain Moral Monday, August 5th why the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly would pass a law to restrict voting rights.

"We are not afraid of the people voting. We want everybody to vote. They want only certain people to vote because their goal is one-party rule, and their goal is being able to stay in office. And they know a broad electorate will not support their narrow-minded agenda." -- Rev. Barber, 8/5/2013

"Let me just say it plain," Rev. Barber went on to say. "They believe there's no way in the world you could have elected President Obama without cheating. They believe somebody's cheating, but we call that in psychology 'projection'.

"Think about it. If anybody should've called out 'voter fraud', it would've been those of us [blacks, women, young people] whose grandparents and forefathers died and suffered true discrimination. And we have never done that! All we have ever said is let the people vote!"

Watch Rev. Barber talk about the motives behind the voter suppression bill:

"Monster Law" means "More Money, Less Voting"

What all changes are in store for North Carolina elections if House Bill 589 becomes law?

Elections watchdog Democracy North Carolina released a two-page summary of the "Anti-Voting Monster Bill" summarizing all the changes and their effective dates.

Download the "Monster Law" summary (PDF).

HB 589 summary (page 1 of 1)

HB 589 summary (page 1 of 1)

HB 589 summary (page 2 of 2)

HB 589 summary (page 2 of 2)