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Art Pope crowned 'Shadow Governor' of North Carolina

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Pat's puppeteer gets due recognition

While Pat McCrory privately took the Governor's oath of office behind closed doors, locked inside the State Capitol away from the public, McCrory's Puppet Master was sworn in at a public ceremony as North Carolina's new Shadow Governor and the state's real chief executive, last weekend.

Click here to watch video of Art Pope's coronation.

North Carolina Student Power Union, with support from Progress NC and the NC State AFL-CIO, crowned 'Art Pope' at a swearing-in ceremony on Bicentennial Mall. Even though Pat won the election, we all know the real power resides in the hands of Shadow Gov. Pope, who, after taking his oath "to uphold the values of the 1%, the Tea Party, the plutocrats, the Koch Brothers, and oligarchs", had this to say:

"I've spent so many years trying to get this position. Now that I finally have it, I'm going to make sure to use all my power to make North Carolina as backward as possible so folks continue to shop at my stores." -- 'Art Pope', Shadow Governor of North Carolina

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