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American Red Cross in Charlotte Goes Union

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Workers win with Teamsters Local 71

One hundred fifty workers at the American Red Cross in Charlotte have voted to join Teamsters Local 71. "The 150 workers want job security, respect, a voice, and representation they know they can count on," said Ted Russell, Local 71 President. "These hard workers have had it with management." Respect on the job and uniform, consistent personnel policies - as much as wages and benefits - are often at the heart of workers' desire to form a union. "We want a structured policy so that management can’t change it from day to day,” said Tonie Johnson who has been with the Red Cross 8 years. Coworker Amy Lee, who has worked 4 years for the Red Cross is looking forward to having a contract with her employer, “Right now we aren’t guaranteed anything. I expect to be treated fairly and with respect." Employers often rely on illegal tactics to thwart employee's right to form a union. Local 71 organizer, Randy Conrad, said the American Red Cross was no different. "In the 15 years I have been organizing, I have never seen some of the things that this company subjected the workers to," said Conrad. "There needs to be stiffer consequences for unfair labor practices and violations of federal labor law." Congratulations to the workers at the American Red Cross in Charlotte, NC for having the courage to stick together and win a voice at work!