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American Income Life hearts National Labor College

Jeremy Sprinkle
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$3 million grant good news for labor ed

American Income Life, the only 100 percent union insurance company in North America, has put its money where its mouth is, making a substantial contribution to America's one and only, National Labor College:

American Income Life and its State General Agents are proud to announce that they have committed a $3 million donation to the National Labor College. The donation will be paid over 5 years. The National Labor College is the only educational institution in the United States with an exclusive mission to serve the educational needs of union members.

Company CEO Roger Smith has been a member of the college’s board of trustees and recognizes that higher education will be increasingly vital for workers in the 21st century economy. The National Labor College has been a crown jewel for many in organized labor, as it continues to hone the skills and develop the next generation of union leadership.

Strong labor leaders are at the forefront to maintain a strong middle class. Roger stated “if it is important to organized labor, it is important to us. The NLC has played a key role in the education of union leaders, and will continue to do so in the future.”

The contribution to the NLC substantiates a true partnership amongst the company, the State General Agents and organized labor. This contribution is in addition to over one million dollars annually donated to a myriad of union causes, advocacy campaigns, education programs, services and scholarship programs at the local, regional and national levels.

For more information about American Income Life, contact Christina Stableford, Public Relations Marketing Specialist, at 919-847-5405 or