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After Elections, What's Next for Working Families?

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Results not a mandate for anti-worker agenda

The Nov. 2 election results are deeply disappointing to the millions of voters who supported working family candidates this year. Voters in this election were angry, and for good reason. They’ve felt the pain of economic collapse. And they’ve paid for it with their jobs, their homes and often their hope. Many working people knew in their gut that Washington insiders did too much to help Wall Street and the banks, and not enough to help average people.

But this election was not a mandate for an anti-worker agenda. Voters in swing congressional districts overwhelmingly reject privatizing Social Security and raising the Social Security retirement age, they oppose tax cuts for the top 2 percent who make more than $250,000 a year, they reject abolishing the Department of Education and they oppose reducing or eliminating the minimum wage.

Click here to watch a brief video outlining our next steps.

America’s labor movement fought tirelessly for working families until the last polls closed on the West Coast Tuesday. We're proud that we can count on you to jump into the fight for working families all over again, starting right now. With your help, we’ll work harder than ever to build an economy that works for everyone.

Results for North Carolina

We endorsed 119 candidates for the November 2, 2010 election; 80 (67%) won and 39 (33%) lost their contest. That’s a 2:1 win-loss ratio for our endorsed candidates. Click here to see the results for our full list of endorsed candidates (PDF). 

Click here to see the unofficial results for all candidates at the State Board of Elections website.