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AFL-CIO Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Working people stand with Hillary. Are you in?

Only the national AFL-CIO can endorse a presidential candidate. Given the two presumptive major party nominees, working families are uniting behind Hillary Clinton because she is a proven leader who shares our values.

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More info from the AFL-CIO blog:

Working people in the AFL-CIO's affiliate unions have chosen to endorse Hillary Clinton for president of the United States. The endorsement reflects a comprehensive, democratic process initiated one year ago to capture the interests of the 12.5 million working people the federation represents.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said:

Hillary Clinton is a proven leader who shares our values. Throughout the campaign, she has demonstrated a strong commitment to the issues that matter to working people, and our members have taken notice. The activism of working people has already been a major force in this election and is now poised to elect Hillary Clinton and move America forward.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has brought an important voice to this election and has elevated critical issues and strengthened the foundation of our movement. His impact on American politics cannot be overstated.

We are ready to fight hard to restore faith in America and improve the lives of all working people. Hillary Clinton has proven herself as a champion of the labor movement, and we will be the driving force to elect her president of the United States.

Read: Hillary Clinton on Issues Important to Working People (PDF).

Learn more about the AFL-CIO presidential endorsement process.

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