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AFL-CIO conducting national survey of working women

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Working women, tell us what you really think, now thru Dec 4th

The AFL-CIO is conducting a national survey of working women to capture a clearer picture of the lives of both union and nonunion working women in the United States, the results of which will be published during Women's History Month next year.

The survey, developed under the guidance of the AFL-CIO Executive Council Committee on Working Women will ask women about their economic interests, family and work life, along with their experiences balancing their responsibilities.

“Today, with the economy in slow recovery, a new wave of attacks on collective bargaining and a presidential election on the horizon, working women’s voices are more important than ever,” said AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler and Chair of the AFL-CIO Women’s Committee.

“Working women need to stand together to let employers know what we need on the job. Our survey will reach out to working women from all different walks of life, both inside and outside the labor movement and will provide a much needed look into the daily lives of working women and how they struggle to achieve the ever-elusive work-life balance,” said Diann Woodard, President of the American Federation of School Administrators and Vice-Chair of the AFL-CIO Women’s Committee.

The survey will be open from October 27 – December 4, 2015, and results will be available in March 2016 during Women’s History Month.

Take the national survey of working women online at