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AFL-CIO Blasts Senate Republicans for Killing Jobs Act

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Sen. Richard Burr votes to obstruct

Despite the American Jobs Act having the support of a majority (51) U.S. Senators, it will never get an up-or-down vote in the United States Senate thanks to the unanimous opposition of Republicans in that chamber - including our own Richard Burr.

Despite having no plan over their own to immediately put millions of Americans back to work, and despite Americans wanting desperately to go to work rebuilding our state and country, Richard Burr had nothing more to offer than just saying "NO".

AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka made had this to say after the shameful obstruction of the Jobs Act in the Senate:

The 99 percent of our country who want jobs now should take note of how each and every senator voted today on the American Jobs Act. And we should ask each one who voted no-- what is your plan? How would you put our country back to work and give hope to our nation's families? Because the truth is the Republicans who unanimously blocked this courageous bill have no plan and seek to profit politically from the country's pain.

While the American Jobs Act was a product of President Obama’s leadership, it reflected longstanding bipartisan priorities.  This commonsense jobs bill should have brought together all Senators of both parties to stem the tide of economic pain that is overwhelming working people.  Senate Republicans’ unanimous opposition to this jobs bill reflects shamefully distorted priorities that place partisan gain over economic security for the 99 percent of us who lack it.

If cutting taxes and eroding common sense regulations to protect people from greedy corporations were a recipe for good jobs, George Bush’s economy would have been a success.  It is appalling that Senate Republicans would stand in the way of the American Jobs Act because they prefer to give the richest one percent more money and fewer rules to follow.

America cannot accept the disappearance of our middle class or several more years of crisis-level joblessness. America cannot accept the nearly unprecedented economic crisis devastating communities of color.  America cannot stand by as the Senate fails to create jobs for the millions of Americans who want to work.

We will fight hard to persuade the Senate to reconsider this bill and take the positive action we need.  The Senate must stand with the 99 percent of us who have fallen behind because the George Bush economic model failed miserably.