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AFL-CIO Backs Final Passage of Health Care Bill

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Support Health Care for America NowNow is the time to say 'Yes'

"When I look at the years we've been fighting for health care and what it means for working families to start down the path of comprehensive reform, I know the time to step forward is now," said AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka in a video message to working families announcing the AFL-CIO will support final passage of health care reform:

"If you need any proof, just look at what the insurance companies are doing. They're all over Capitol Hill trying to stop this bill. They know it's a game changer for them, and that's what we need."

The reconciled bill the House will vote on this weekend isn't perfect because it's the result of a long legislative process involving a lot of give-and-take, Trumka explained. "We don't get to decide every detail," he said, "but we get to act, and our actions have already made this a much better bill."

According to an AFL-CIO Blog post, in a press conference call, Trumka told reporters:

"...we are realistic enough to know it's time for the deliberations to stop and for progress to begin. And we are idealistic enough to believe this is an opportunity to change history we can't afford to miss.

"Rising health care costs are crushing families and businesses. Middle-class families are losing health care coverage faster than any other group today."

"This bill is a solid first step in changing that."

A vote in the House of Representative is expected this weekend. Call your representative at 1-877-3-AFLCIO, and tell him or her to pass the health care reform bill.