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Accountability Alert: House Passes Bill Attacking V.A. Employees

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Every Republican member of North Carolina's house delegation voted for the bill

Last week the U.S. House of Representatives passed - with the support all ten Republicans from North Carolina - the “VA Accountability First Act” by a vote of 237-178. The legislation is a thinly veiled effort to destroy union rights and shift the blame for management failures at the Department of Veterans Affairs onto the backs of front line employees.

Click here to lookup the name of your U.S. Representative and here to see how he or she voted.

H.R. 1259 severely limits due process protections against arbitrary treatment of VA workers - exposing front-line employees to retaliation for speaking out against mismanagement or to protect patient safety.

Instead of building trust within the VA, William Samuel, Director of the AFL-CIO's Government Affairs Department, says representatives are attempting to "turn back the clock to an era when employees could be fired with the slightest justification and almost no opportunity to mount an effective defense."

"For the 120,000 veterans who work at the VA, this bill is not only a slap in the face but a betrayal of the promise that they would be guaranteed fair treatment if they came to work for the federal government."

Please call your representatives to hold them accountable for voting for this bad legislation - or thank them for voting no.

  1. Butterfield, G.K. (D) 202-225-3101 (thank him for voting against HR 1259)
  2. Holding, George (R) 202-225-3032
  3. Jones, Walter B. (R) 202-225-3415
  4. Price, David (D) 202-225-1784 (thank him for voting against HR 1259)
  5. Foxx, Virginia (R) 202-225-2071
  6. Walker, Mark (R) 202-225-3065
  7. Rouzer, David (R) 202-225-2731
  8. Hudson, Richard (R) 202-225-3715
  9. Pittenger, Robert (R) 202-225-1976
  10. McHenry, Patrick T. (R) 202-225-2576
  11. Meadows, Mark (R) 202-225-6401
  12. Adams, Alma (D) 202-225-1510 (thank her for voting against HR 1259)
  13. Budd, Ted (R) 202-225-4531

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