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10 reasons to vote for Kay Hagan

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Federal workers ought to know these facts

Sen. Kay Hagan has been a loyal friend to federal employees and their families, and why not? Federal employees are a major part of North Carolina's workforce and economy.

In 2012, over 177,000 North Carolinians worked for the federal government - processing Social Security payments, providing care for military veterans, and protecting our environment, for example. Federal employee payrolls pumped $7.6 BILLION into our state economy every year.

Below are some of Sen. Hagan's most important votes regarding federal employees. They are something to keep in mind when you vote November 4th!

1. Senate FY 2014 Budget Resolution - Vote #92 (6/19/13)

Senator Hagan voted for a Senate FY 2014 budget which, unlike the House budget, made middle class Americans and the federal services they rely on the priority. The resolution invested in jobs and raised revenue from the wealthiest 2% of Americans and profitable Wall Street corporations. Importantly, the budget Hagan voted for protected Medicare, Social Security benefits, and federal employee pay.

2. Federal Pay Freeze Extension - Vote #38 (3/18/12)

Senator Hagan voted against extending what was then a two year pay freeze for yet another year, devastating the economic security of federal workers and their families.

3. House FY 2013 Budget Resolution - Vote #98 (5/16/12)

Senator Hagan voted against the FY 2013 House Budget Resolution, an irresponsible and devastating plan which would have:

  • frozen federal employees' pay for five years
  • forced federal employees to accept a 5.4% pay cut in the form of increased mandatory contributions to their retirement
  • laid off 10% of the federal workforce

4. Reduction of DoD Workforce - Vote #214 (11/30/12)

Senator Hagan voted for an amendment to protect the jobs of 36,000 DoD civilian workers. Arbitrary downsizing has led to wasteful privatization and the use of contractors to perform functions to vital to be outsourced and at greater cost to taxpayers.

5. Payroll Tax Cut / Federal Worker Cuts - Vote #220 (12/1/11)

Senator Hagan voted against an arbitrary and destructive bill called the Temporary Tax Holiday and Government Reduction Act that would have:

  • extended the pay freeze
  • arbitrarily cut the federal workforce without regard to each federal agency's mission or workload

6. Coburn Pay Freeze & Workforce Cap - Vote #169 (5/27/10)

Senator Hagan voted against an amendment that would have frozen federal employee pay raises and arbitrarily capped the total number of federal employees - which would have forced every agency to fire someone in order to hire someone else!

7. House FY 2011 Appropriations - Vote #36 (3/9/11)

Senator Hagan voted against a House bill in 2011 that was an all-out assault on middle class Americans and the government services upon which they rely. Instead of sparking job growth, the bill actually cut investment and endangered hundreds of thousands of federal jobs.

8. Social Security Privatization - Vote #123 (4/1/09)

Senator Hagan voted against a bill that would have led to the total privatization of Social Security.

9. TSA Collective Bargaining - Vote #17 (2/15/11)

Senator Hagan voted to preserve the right of workers in the Transportation Security Administration from forming a union with collective bargaining rights. Thanks to Senator Hagan's vote, TSA workers have those rights today, and after a 10-year struggle, a union contract on their side.

10. Paycheck Fairness Act - Vote #115 (6/5/12)

Senator Hagan voted for the Paycheck Fairness Act, an important step toward a more equal workplace where women receive equal pay for equal work!

Vote Kay Hagan for U.S. Senate!

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