National AFL-CIO Convention Held in Pittsburgh

Officer elections and the President in the House of Labor

Immediately following our state convention, the officers and other delegates from unions and Central Labor Councils across North Carolina headed to Pittsburgh, PA for the national convention of the AFL-CIO.

The national convention this year marked the end of John Sweeney’s tenure at the helm of the AFL-CIO and saw the election of former Secretary-Treasurer and member of the United Mineworkers of America, Richard Trumka as President. Liz Shuler, member of IBEW and cousin of NC Congressman Heath Shuler, was elected Secretary-Treasurer, the first female in that role. AFL-CIO Executive Vice President, Arlene Holt-Baker, was re-elected to another term.

Perhaps the most notable event, however, was the address to the convention by President Obama. The President gave a fiery speech in support of labor’s historic role in achieving progress for workers and working families and called on union members to rally to the cause of comprehensive health care reform. Watch video of the speech:

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