Barack Obama Wins Presidency!

Kay Hagan defeats Liddy Dole

We wanted to Turn Around America, and we did it!

Barack Obama is the next President of the United States.

Kay Hagan, a Democrat, will take the same seat in the U.S. Senate as Jesse Helms, having soundly defeating incumbent Elizabeth Dole.

This has been a historic night, indeed.

UPDATE: The Associated Press has called North Carolina for Barack Obama!  According to a canvass of remaining uncounted ballots, there are not enough cast for McCain / Palin to overcome Obama / Biden’s lead of 13,000 plus votes.

Thanks to all of our members, released staff, our allies, friends and families who worked so tirelessly to win for working families.

After an election about change and the need to Turn Around America, North Carolina is now on the right side of history.