Affiliate Leaders Lay Groundwork for Victory Nov. 4

James Andrews and leaders of affiliated unions at leadership meeting July 16, 2008On July 16, labor leaders from around the state met at the state fed headquarters to discuss plans for our Labor 2008 program. The meeting laid out the groundwork and timeline for running a successful member-to-member political education program.

President James Andrews announced that the national AFL-CIO has assigned two staff to work in North Carolina through the election: Carlos Carrillo will be the director of our state Labor 2008 program and Cathy Howell will be the Zone Coordinator for eastern North Carolina.

During the meeting, Carlos and Cathy along with President Andrews and Secretary-Treasurer McMillan discussed key elements of the political program like leaflet distribution, phone banks, local union mailings, and voter registration.

Labor leaders and rank-and-file members are excited about this election and are more committed than ever to running a successful political program. Please help us win in November by working the Eight-Point Plan. With your local’s help, we can turn around America this year by electing worker-friendly candidates at the federal, state, and local levels.