UAW Reconvenes NC/SC Civil and Human Rights Council

Report by Jeff Hicks, UAW 3520

It has been almost 3 years since the Council met. As a matter of fact, it was Oct 18, 2008, and it was hosted by Local 3520. With massive layoffs and dwindling memberships at all the Freightliner Locals, the Council chose not to meet but to focus on their Locals’ devastation. The Locals chose to fight for their jobs and livelihoods and established the Buy American Campaign – urging trucking companies to buy from American plants instead of their rival plants in Mexico.

On July 30th 2011 in Mt Holly NC, the Council was mended and reconvened for the common goal of representing NC and SC in Civil and Human Rights. The Council elected its new Executive Board and was schooled by interns from local colleges on the A. Phillip Randolph Institute membership drive.

The new Executive Board consists of President Ricky McDowell representing Local 5285; Vice President Jeff Hicks out of Local 3520; Financial and Recording Secretaries Al Hill and LaSondra Ogelsby, respectively, from Local 5287.

After being sworn in by Scott McCallister, the new officers took their post and started business as usual.

The Council took a moment of silence for deceased member and Ex-Vice President Nona Byrd and vowed to continue the path that she would want the Council to travel. President McDowell also announced the joining of new Local 3066 from Florence SC, which is currently in negotiations and did not make the meeting.

Four College Interns were the focus of this meeting. These Interns represented the Youth Labor Movement and Organizers for the A Phillip Randolph Institute. The Interns were from the University of NC Charlotte and Rutgers University. They supplied the Council with literature and dates of Labor and Social Protest, which they personally organized. The Interns were very impressed on what the Council has accomplished and challenged the Council to move with them on their fight against Rogue Politicians and bogus campaign promises. The Council vowed their support. President McDowell presented the youth organizers with UAW T-Shirts, which they truly adored.

Well you know there isn’t a NC/SC Council Meeting without FOOD. Mt Holly put on a spread that surpassed all other meetings. Financial Sec. Al Hill officially threw in the towel and gave Mt. Holly their props for best meal. Al Hill and Local 5287 has been put in charge of hosting the next Council meeting and said he was up to the task of beating this meal.

Click here for pictures of the UAW NC/SC Civil and Human Rights Council meeting.

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