#TalkUnion and other May Day 2014 activities

Tweet (and march) for workers’ rights

May Day is next week!

If you live in the Triangle, there’ll be a march for worker and immigrant rights. The NC Justice Center and UE Local 150 are sponsoring this event. NC State AFL-CIO President James Andrews will speak when the May Day march reaches the State Capitol building.

More info about May Day in Raleigh: https://www.facebook.com/events/1410609002540278/.

Wherever you might be, we’re using May Day this year to launch a new initiative on social media. We’re calling it #TalkUnion, and for the kickoff, we’re holding our first ever Twitterstorm! The storm begins at 7:00 pm on May 1st.

A “Twitterstorm” is just another way to say we’re stronger together when we tweet together! Kinda like workers in unions – they’re stronger together! To break through the noise on Twitter, we need your help to talk up #TalkUnion.

Can you plan now to talk up #TalkUnion on Twitter on May Day 2014 at 7 pm?

We’re doing this because talking about unions is, frankly, a discussion more people need to have.

“Union” is not a four-letter word, but too many people – progressives included – who talk about inequality fail to mention its underlying cause. Too many workers don’t have enough income!

A union card is the best anti-poverty program around. It’s also a key that for workers opens the doors to power in public policy.

Will you help spread the word by joining our Twitterstorm at 7 pm on May 1st to #TalkUnion?

We want to know – as a worker – why might you need a union on your side?

As advocates for democracy, equality, public education, and socioeconomic or environmental justice – why does the world need more workers with unions on their side?

  • Maybe it’s to secure good pay and benefits in writing with a union contract.
  • Maybe it’s to secure our democracy for the People and from the clutches of Organized Greed!
  • Maybe it’s to finally get the good pay and benefits you and your coworkers deserve.
  • Maybe it’s to be treated with respect on the job – or in government.
  • Maybe it’s to secure your family’s economic future.
  • Maybe it’s to close the gender discrimination pay gap.
  • Maybe it’s to end employment discrimination on the basis of real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

On Thursday, May 1st at 7pm, tell the world why workers need a union on their side. #TalkUnion to spread the word!

Before then, could you spread the word about our Twitterstorm itself? We’ve never done this before, and we hope we can do it right!

Here’s a tweet about the Twitterstorm, ready for you to retweet: https://twitter.com/NCStateAFLCIO/status/458706091241512961. (Here’s another one.)

Below are a few images you can use to talk up the #TalkUnion Twitterstorm.

By the way, are you or is someone you know new to Twitter? Signing up is easy: http://twitter.com/