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  • AFL-CIO endorses Linda Coleman for Lt. Governor

    Now more than ever, the people of North Carolina need leaders like Linda Coleman who value work over greed and who will go to work to protect the public good.

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  • Trouble w/Blue Cross? Health Insurance Smart NC Has Your Back!

    If you’re having trouble finding, keeping, or using health insurance in North Carolina, now you have a powerful ally in your corner. The North Carolina Department of Insurance has created a new consumer assistance program, Health Insurance Smart NC. Smart NC is the latest example of how our DOI is working for consumers and citizens – not insurance companies.

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  • Blue Cross Power Grab Loses Some Steam – For Now

    This week, at a packed hearing of the Health Committee to discuss the Blue Cross-backed legislation and an alternative, carefully negotiated proposal put for the by the Institute of Medicine, North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance, Wayne Goodwin offered a third way forward.

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