• 2017 Expose Walmart Tour Coming Through North Carolina

    Show up to show solidarity with workers organizing for a better life when the 2017 Expose Walmart Tour makes stops May 22nd in Charlotte and Greensboro.

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  • Time to do something about CEO pay

    This month the AFL-CIO released this year’s edition of Executive Paywatch—the most comprehensive searchable database tracking CEO pay. Last year, CEO pay for major U.S. companies—already egregious—increased nearly 16 percent. Time for the S.E.C. to crack down!

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  • Huge, amazing Walmart news!

    As much as we embrace the announcement, it is just one battle won – albeit an important victory – in what must be an ongoing war for raising wages.

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  • Join OUR Walmart solidarity events in NC

    Join us Monday in Greensboro, Friday in Durham, or wherever you are next week to send a message to Walmart and the Walton Family which controls it that greed is still a sin, and they are no longer going to get a pass from you for profiting off the poverty of Walmart workers!

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  • Walmart workers announce national strike

    If you agree with us that no one in America should work at a company with $16 billion in profits, run by a family with more than $150 billion in wealth and be unable to put dinner on the table, support Walmart strikers in North Carolina this Black Friday!

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  • Black Friday protests loom as Walmart hits a new low

    Join Walmart workers on November 29 to call for decent wages, not handouts, poverty pay, threats and retaliation.

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  • Raleigh rallies support for Walmart Strikers

    Just when Walmart thought they had us contained, something awesome happened.

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  • Support Walmart worker organizing in North Carolina

    Our Walmart

    Join us at the OUR Walmart labor and community forum in Raleigh on September 5th.

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  • Why worker pay at Walmart matters to everyone

    Spending more to boost wages at large retailers while also boosting the economy and saving taxpayers big money is the best after-Thanksgiving deal you’ve probably never heard of.

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  • Unprecedented: Black Friday at Walmart

    Walmart workers made history last Friday by pulling off on one of the biggest shopping days of the year what Josh Eidelson, writing for The Nation, called “the largest-ever US strike against the largest employer in the world.”

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  • Walmart workers are going on strike this Black Friday

    Something big is happening at Walmart. American workers at the largest retailer in the world are finally reaching their resistance point and walking off the job to protest low-wages, poor working conditions, a lack of respect on the job, and retaliation against them for their efforts to make change at Walmart.

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