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  • State Senators doing bankers’ bidding, AGAIN!

    Between SB 89 and this new monstrosity, SB 489, it would seem that state senators care more about bankers’ ability to trap their constituents in a never-ending debt cycle than about governing for the good of their constituents.

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  • Get on the bus for Bank of America protest (5/9)

    Do you plan to protest the Bank of America 2012 shareholders meeting on May 9? We have news about buses to Charlotte.

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  • Tax Day Showdown in Raleigh (4/17)

    April 17, 2012 is Tax Day in the United States – an opportunity to reassess America’s priorities as reflected by who’s paying taxes and who or what don’t pay their fair share. Join our “buddy protest” on Tax Day outside corporate-villain and tax-deadbeat, Bank of America, in Raleigh.

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  • Wells Fargo CEO gets an earful at NC State

    Occupy NCSU and Occupy Raleigh organized a welcome party Wednesday for John Stumpf, the CEO of Wells Fargo. During his lecture, Stumpf received a mic check – a scathing indictment of Wells Fargo’s greedy, unethical, and even criminal business practices.

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  • November 5 is Bank Transfer Day

    Nov. 5, 2011 is Bank Transfer Day and your opportunity to show your free market savoir faire by taking your money from the big banks and moving it to a credit union where it won’t be used to destroy the economy, undermine Wall Street reform and workers’ rights, and line the already-gilded pockets of CEOs.

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  • Act NOW to Stop a New Financial Disaster

    Incredibly, some members of Congress are preparing now to go to bat for Wall Street and to gut the financial reform law passed last year. Act NOW to stop them!

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  • Wall St. Pay Reached Obscene New High in 2010

    If you are reading this, chances are good you are not among the elite executives on Wall Street who collected $135 billion in bonus money last year. Instead of being a land of opportunity, the United States is becoming a land of sacrifices. But clearly that’s not the case for everyone.

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  • Rally Against Corporate Tax Dodgers in Charlotte (2/26)

    We pay taxes on our income in this state and in this country. Why doesn’t Bank of America? Take peaceful action against corporate tax dodgers who use our infrastructure and cheat our citizens. Join us on Saturday, Feb. 26 outside a Bank of America branch in Charlotte, NC.

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  • Best Question Ever: “Why Isn’t Wall St. in Jail?”

    Matt Taibbi, a journalist for Rolling Stone magazine, has been one of few people reporting on the financial crisis – and the crooks who caused it – almost since before it happened. In his latest – and utterly infuriating article – Taibbi explores why, almost three years later, not one Wall Street executive or banker has gone to jail

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  • Protests Outside Bank of America in Charlotte

    Click here to see more photos.. Invest in job creation, not fighting financial reform On April 28 folks from all walks of life – including union members, people of faith, and the unemployed – demonstrated outside the Bank of America (BofA) shareholder meeting in Charlotte, NC to demand Wall St banks stop fighting financial reform […]

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  • REMINDER: Taking it to the Shareholders (4/28)

    B of A is failing America Workers, clergy, veterans, civic leaders, and community groups from the NC State AFL-CIO and NC United Power will converge for an important action at the Bank of America shareholders’ meeting in Charlotte on the morning of April 28th. Come out and demand accountability from B of A for its […]

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  • Take on Bank of America at Shareholders Meeting (4/28)

    B of A is failing America Workers, clergy, veterans, civic leaders, and community groups from the NC State AFL-CIO and NC United Power will converge for an important action at the Bank of America shareholders’ meeting in Charlotte on the morning of April 28th. What: Rally and action at B of A shareholders meeting When: […]

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  • Make Wall St Pay to Fix the Job Crisis They Created

    Workers protest Bank of America in Raleigh Yesterday, the Triangle Labor Council (TLC) organized a protest outside a Bank of America (B of A) branch in Raleigh, NC. The event drew about two dozen protestors. Folks held signs and chanted for about an hour at the busy intersection where the bank is located to raise […]

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  • AFL-CIO Call for Good Jobs, Making Wall Street Pay

    Actions planned in NC next week Working families are joining together to demand good jobs now. America needs 11 million jobs, and big Wall Street banks should pay to rebuild jobs and the economy they helped destroy in 2008. Since the recession began, America has lost nearly 9 million jobs. While Americans have lost jobs, […]

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  • Taxpayer Day of Action is Wed. April 29th

    Tell Bank of America: We’ve Had ENOUGH – fire CEO Ken Lewis! Taxpayers didn’t cause this economic crisis – but we sure are paying the price. At the same time our families are getting squeezed, banks like Bank of America keep taking billions of our tax dollars. And for what? Billions in bonuses and the […]

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