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  • America’s Journey for Justice comes to North Carolina

    Our lives, our votes, our jobs, and our schools matter. Join America’s Journey For Justice as we march through North Carolina to be a part of history, August 29 through September 7.

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  • Voting Rights March planned for Moral Monday July 13th

    On July 13, the federal court will hear North Carolina NAACP v. McCrory, the lawsuit to reverse North Carolina’s unconstitutional, immoral voter suppression law.

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  • Attorney General Roy Cooper petitions McCrory to veto voter suppression

    NC Attorney General Roy Cooper

    Join Roy Cooper in calling for a veto of the “Anti-Voting Monster Law”!

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  • NC Republicans successful in attack on democracy

    Proof that Republicans will stop at nothing to avoid being held accountable by the people for the decline of North Carolina.

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  • Someone you know will no longer be able to vote

    HB 589 - the Anti-Voting Bill

    Our immoral legislature about to pass “Worst Voter Suppression Bill In The Nation”.

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  • Fight for your voting rights at Moral Monday 12 (7/22)

    Fight back as our immoral NCGA moves to adopt new poll taxes, cuts to early voting, penalizing parents whose children vote at college, and other ways to make it harder for people to vote.

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  • Make the call against Voter ID

    State House Bill 589, which would require voters to present a photo ID before being allowed to cast their ballots, will be voted on in the House next week. We need you to call your state representative and tell him or her to vote ‘NO’ on HB 589.

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  • AFL-CIO launches voter protection site MyVoteMyRight.org

    Voting is a fundamental right of every American citizen and a cornerstone of our democracy. AFL-CIO has launched a new site, MyVoteMyRight.org, to inform voters and track the attacks on their fundamental right to participate in the democratic process.

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  • Labor Secretary Solis marches with Labor in Alabama

    All of us should be proud to have a leader like Hilda Solis serving the workers of the United States as our Secretary of Labor. Secretary Solis is a reminder than we won more than a presidential election in 2008 – we won a fighter for working people in the federal department charged with protecting our rights.

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  • This Is My Vote rally and town hall March 24

    In light of efforts to rollback voter rights in North Carolina by our out-of-control state legislature – efforts so far thwarted by Gov. Perdue’s veto – NAACP is putting on a very special event Saturday, March 24 for training attendees and the general public.

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  • Colbert Report Covers Voter ID Laws

    It seems the greatest truth tellers in our public discourse today are not found on the nightly news or cable TV. They are comedians like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and the writers at The Onion. This week, Stephen Colbert devoted coverage to the nationwide push to restrict ballot access.

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  • Rally to Respect & Protect the Vote on Wednesday (7/13)

    State lawmakers will return to Raleigh on Wednesday, July 13 for a special session during which Republicans will use their majorities in the House and Senate to renew their attacks on our voting rights. And we will be there to greet them. Join us in Raleigh July 13th!

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  • NC GOP to Workers Walking Picket Line, “Let them eat cake.”

    About three dozen North Carolinians who are fed up with calls by Republican leaders for everyone else to sacrifice so they and their corporate campaign backers can continue to sacrifice nothing walked a picket line outside the headquarters of the North Carolina Republican Party in Raleigh, today.

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  • Stephen Colbert Mocks Wake Schools Controversy

    ‘Disintegration’ is The WORD Comedy Central funny man and host of the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert, brought more national attention to the em bras sing debacle that is the Wake County School Board’s push for neighborhood school assignments. “Back in the day, (the school system) had segregated schools — white kids here, black kids there; […]

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