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  • ALEC founder in 1980 video says he’s against voting

    Paul Weyrich, founder of the ALEC, the corporate-funded group that has written Voter ID laws passed by state legislatures since 2010, told an audience in the Fall of 1980 that “I don’t want people to vote….In fact, our leverage goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

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  • AFL-CIO launches voter protection site MyVoteMyRight.org

    Voting is a fundamental right of every American citizen and a cornerstone of our democracy. AFL-CIO has launched a new site, MyVoteMyRight.org, to inform voters and track the attacks on their fundamental right to participate in the democratic process.

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  • Colbert Report Covers Voter ID Laws

    It seems the greatest truth tellers in our public discourse today are not found on the nightly news or cable TV. They are comedians like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and the writers at The Onion. This week, Stephen Colbert devoted coverage to the nationwide push to restrict ballot access.

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