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  • Walk and talk for labor votes

    The outcome of next week’s election will come down to the “ground game”, and time is running out to turnout union voters! Whoever hits the most doors, makes the most calls, and turns out the most voters will win. Make the winning play for North Carolina!

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  • Reach out to help workers win on Nov. 4th!

    Come out wherever you are to join us in the final two weeks before E-Day for a phone-to-phone and door-to-door mobilization blitz that – with your help – can turn the tide this year away from the forces of organized greed and fear and toward hope for working people and our future!

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  • Lend a hand to help workers win this November

    We’re ready to kick extremist, anti-worker politicians in North Carolina – like Thom Tillis -out of office. Are you ready too?

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  • Hard @ Work on Labor 2010

    Phone Banks, Letter Writing, and Leafleting (oh my!) Union members are hard at work on our Labor 2010 program, doing everything we can to elect people who will fight for good American jobs, end tax breaks for outsourcing, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and create an economy that works for everyone – not just Wall Street […]

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  • A.P.R.I. is Calling to Get Out the Vote

    Participation is key for non-partisan phone bank The North Carolina A. Philip Randolph institute wants to remind you that somebody paid the price for your right to vote. In every election, when voters cast their ballots, they honor those whose struggle and sacrifice made greater participation in the electoral process possible. But while participation at […]

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  • The benefits of being a union member extend beyond the workplace. AFL-CIO Union Plus benefits help current and retired labor union members and their families save money and support them through major milestones, celebrations and hardships. These benefits include Wireless discounts, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Insurance, Scholarships, Travel & Entertainment, and more! Visit UnionPlus.org to sign up!
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